Student Empowerment Day with New York State Disability Services Council (NYSDSC) 

Service Statement

Starting at faculty orientation and in accordance with Binghamton University’s procedures for personnel cases, I have been instructed as junior faculty not to overcommit my time to service at the expense of research and teaching. This is advice I have followed; however, as someone born in upstate New York and as a SUNY graduate, I take the role of faculty contribution to public service seriously. As my research successes crystalized, I more thoughtfully engaged with this aspect of faculty work. Below I describe my service using the criteria from the Binghamton University’s procedures for personnel case: service to the department, program, school, and University; to the discipline or profession; and local, state, national or international communities.

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Binghamton University Career Champion

Career Champion Recognition

The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development emphasizes the importance of those who contribute to student success and wants to recognize them for their efforts. The Career Champions program was created to celebrate faculty and staff from across the University who have prepared students and helped mentor them toward their post-graduation goals.

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Department Admissions Project

Department Admissions Project

For the scope of this project, our group settled on the research question: Accounting for student demography, academic history, and admissions information, how is funding information among admitted students related to student deposits? This project is particularly important as the findings may have implications for using resources wisely to grow graduate student enrollment, which is a prime directive for our institution.

Project presentation

Increasing Diverse Graduate Student Enrollment Executive Summary by Justine Bailey and Daisia Farley

Synthesis of Literature by Justine Bailey and Daisia Farley

Research Summaries by Mack Ottens

Analysis by John Zilvinskis and Mack Ottens

Inclusive Pedagogy Faculty Group

Inclusive Pedagogy Faculty Group Invitation

Considering the convergence of multiple forms of structural violence impacting our institutions and social worlds both in the United States and globally--including anti-Black police violence, a rising white supremacist and fascist state, a global pandemic disproportionately impacting communities of color, economic collapse, and the losses of anti-racist leaders on our campus--, we are interested in creating an intentional space to discuss inclusive pedagogy and difficult classroom conversations. With all of these factors operating at the institutional and structural level, how can we foster the most equitable environments within the micro-level of our classrooms?

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Multivariate Report: First-Year Retention and GPA

Executive summary

Multivariate analysis was employed to measure the relationship between student background, institutional support services, and residential communities with first-year retention and GPA of 16,038 undergraduate students enrolled fall 2015 to spring 2018. When accounting for these aspects of the student experience, the results consistently indicated that the university can do more to serve transfer, Black or African American, Hispanic, and undeclared students. For example, the odds of a transfer student being retained by Binghamton University were 53.6% lower than their non-transfer counterparts.

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Curriculum Mapping Authored by Mack Ottens

Executive Summary by Mack Ottens, Doctoral Student

Binghamton University’s Student Affairs Administration program was compared to peer and exemplary programs across the United States. Although all programs have unique structure and curriculum, Binghamton University’s program was one of the few closest to CAS compliance.

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Critical Quantitative Research Workshop

A Brief Description of this Workshop

Here is the workshop developed from the following request from the Director of Student Affairs Assessment and Solutions for Engagement (SAASE) at Binghamton University: I'm trying to plan some professional development little mini workshops for my staff and would like to introduce them to some of the concepts of critical quantitative research. They know quantitative analysis but have never really looked at it from a more critical lens.  Might you be willing and have time to do a little introduction workshop with my staff over Zoom?

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Student Affairs Graduate Association Bootcamp

A Brief Description of this Session

This session will be focused on the ways Covid-19 will affect Higher Education (HE). Using research and news stories from my elective course, I’ll briefly review literature related to policies and procedures, online education for student affairs, and HE in a recession. Then, attendees will have an opportunity to discuss how the pandemic will affect our field.

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