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An award-winning podcast service of the Assessment Institute in Indianapolis (, the oldest and largest higher education assessment and improvement event in the U.S. The podcast profiles people, initiatives, institutions, and organizations improving conditions in higher education. Join thought leaders for engaging discussions of enduring and emerging topics, themes, and trends affecting colleges and universities.

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Ambitious Fishes by Janmariz

Welcome to Ambitious Fishes! The podcast where we learn and advocate about disability specifically within the experience of college. I'm Janmariz and I use this platform to share my own experiences and invite wonderful disabled friends of mine to connect and do the same. With a new topic each week, we discuss academics, accommodations, social life, romantic relationships, doctor's visits, barriers within education, and more. Join us as we embark on this journey navigating the choppy waters of higher education as disabled people. Until then- Stay Ambitious, Fishes!

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Five CCPA faculty earn annual Research Excellence Awards


Their work is wide-ranging: studying how to support multilingual communities, seeking ways to improve workforce development for college graduates with disabilities, exploring how referral systems in community schools can link students with needed services and even discovering how an app can help families talk more about engineering.

Inclusive Pedagogy Faculty Group


In fall 2020, CCPA increased its focus on this topic with a series of dialogues led by Assistant Professor of Student Affairs Administration John Zilvinskis; Professor of Public Administration Nadia Rubaii; Associate Professor of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership Bogum Yoon; and Assistant Professor of Human Development Marguerite Wilson.

Research on Student Activism 

A research team including Binghamton University Assistant Professor of Student Affairs Administration John Zilvinskis examined survey responses to an experimental itemset of the National Survey of Student Engagement measuring behaviors related to student activism. The sample included 3,257 seniors from 22 four-year institutions.

What is the Value of University Rankings?

New study finds no relationship between scoring high in several rankings and the measures considered by leading survey of student engagement. Research released last week by two education researchers finds no relationship (and sometimes a negative relationship) between high rankings and measures of student engagement calculated by the National Survey of Student Engagement.

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Exploring Equity in Internships

Women and Asian students are significantly less likely than their counterparts who identify as men or white to receive payment during internships. This finding is based on an analysis of 2,410 responses to the National Survey of Student Engagement.